Jun 062013

“Executive education” usually brings a university classroom to my mind, the kind you find on an ivy-walled campus. Cutter’s executive education (which we call Summit 2013), however, is a little different: it takes place next-door to a prestigious university. Yep, Summit 2013 will be held at Le Meridien Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the edge of the MIT campus.

The program is chock-full of stellar sessions. The 3-day event kicks off on Nov. 4 with a keynote on The Evolving Role of 21st Century Technology Leaders by Robert D. Scott. Robert, former VP of Innovation & Architecture at Procter & Gamble (where he also served in CIO positions, both corporate and business unit). Robert is now Director of the Information Systems Executive Forum (a CIO development network) of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. So he really understands leadership and how to deliver blockbuster exec ed.

The afternoon of the first day features our very popular case study session*. This year, Cutter Fellow Vince Kellen will be teaching his case, Big – and Fast – Data Analytics. I say “his” case, because it really is. Vince will recount the journey he led to implement big data analytics at University of Kentucky to improve student outcomes. But that’s just the background. First in small groups, and then all together, Summit delegates will discuss how companies and organizations of all flavors – publicly-traded and privately-held, product developers and service providers, for-profit and not-for-profit, etc. – can apply similar strategies to improve their desired outcomes. And maybe even give Vince some input into what his next steps at Univ of KY might be.

Over the days ahead, I’ll write a couple more blog posts highlighting the program. But you don’t have to wait for me. Check it out now at our Summit 2013: Executive Education site. We have some good registration deals you should check out, too.

*This post has been corrected. In the original version, I mistakenly wrote that Israel Gat’s session on Agile and the API Economy takes place on the first afternoon of the Summit; it’s really in the morning of the second day. (See What’s on Tap for Day 2.)



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