Welcome Aboard, Lynn!

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Sep 142013

How appropriate it is that Lynn Winterboer is joining Cutter just about at the time that we publish the Cutter Benchmark Review on Achieving an Agile Organizational Mind. With Lynn on board, we have another heavy hitter who applies the values, methods and practices of ‘traditional’ Agile to data, data warehousing, and business intelligence. The importance of so doing in the era of big data can’t be overstated. Just about every Cutter client I meet is struggling to extract meaning from the data he/she possesses. Needless to say, extracting meaning in an Agile manner constitutes an important competitive capability.

Between the ‘old hands’ in the practice and the recent additions of Professor Giancarlo Succi, Sue McKinney, Tom Grant and now Lynn, the Agile Practice is nicely positioned to address the needs of the enterprise in a holistic manner. We typically start helping clients achieve a high level of Agile maturity  in a single facet of operations, thence move on to a second facet, third facet, etc. For example, in a recent engagement colleague Pete Kaminski and I started by implementing Scrum in R&D, thence moved on to rolling out Kanban in marketing. By attaining agility in these two facets of operation, our client attained overall business agility.

One of the pleasures of being practice director is that I get to know and be known to fascinating folks that I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with. I have already had the pleasure of meeting Lynn in the Agile 2013 conference. I am so very much looking forward to start working with her now.

Welcome aboard, Lynn!


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