A Cheesy Invitation

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Oct 012013

Imagine you’re at a party. You’re standing near a cheese platter admiring the selection. That 2-hour cheese tasting class you took last week has made you think differently about the way you look at that plate! A man approaches and you begin chatting about the cheese. Turns out, he’s a Professor of Food Science at a top university, and has written the definitive book on goat’s milk cheese. A woman then joins the conversation; she’s from Wisconsin, home of the Cheese Heads – her perspective on cheese is a little less serious than yours! After sharing information, the 3 of you walk away with knowledge, insight, and a few ideas about wine and cheese pairings you’d never considered but are now excited to try.

That’s what the Cutter Summit is like – but the discussion isn’t around cheese; it’s business technology. People of varied experience, varied histories, varied cultural backgrounds coming together and discovering new ways to think about business technology leadership, strategies, trends, and technologies.

Cutter Senior Consultants, CIOs, VPs of Product Development, directors of Architecture groups, heads of PMOs, transformation leaders, change management professionals. People from the financial industry, manufacturing companies, retailers, NGOs, professors from highly-regarded universities. This is the crowd that will spend three days at the Summit exchanging ideas and building upon them. With the first two days taking place as one group in one room, you get a true groupthink experience.

Come join us November 4-6. The program is designed to get you thinking about novel ways to approach some of the challenges you’re facing. It’s also designed to get you thinking about things you don’t think about — trends, technologies, and strategies that are outside your charter – perhaps sparking an idea or giving you an unexpected solution to what’s keeping you up at night. With the opportunity to talk with world-renown experts and your peers from all kinds of companies from all parts of the globe, insightful keynotes and panel debates, hands-on leadership exercises, and our latest Special Offers, I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t join us!


[photo credit: Ardfern (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 () or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons]


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  1. Okay, the cheese story is stuck in my head. Business technology analogy with cheese, classic. From that story alone, I know what your summit is about. Yeah, I know, without the cheese bit. I like your style of writing. Hope you have a good one at the summit.

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