Welcome Aboard, Murray!

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Oct 042013

In a recent post I reflected on a ‘built-in’ benefit of my job, as follows:

One of the pleasures of being practice director is that I get to know and be known to fascinating folks that I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with.

If another proof for my reflection was needed, this post welcoming Dr. Murray Cantor is as hard a proof as they come. Here is a researcher and author whose originality and rigor are second to none, and I have the privilege and pleasure of writing about his joining Cutter as a  Contributing Expert!

I would hate to steal Murray’s thunder, but would allow myself to hint at just one possible research direction that has the potential to tie together numerous ‘moving pieces’ in the practice and in the software industry. Murray has been a pioneer in quantifying ROI in software systems – click here for example. I believe the techniques Murray applied to quantifying ROI are applicable to a wide variety of critical parameters in Agile/Lean/Kanban that so far have only been studied from a qualitative standpoint. If my intuition is still good, Murray’s research could easily evolve towards a unifying theory for numerous software engineering aspects that until now have been studies piecemeal.

Welcome aboard, Murray! I am so very excited your are one of us!


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