Workforce Challenges

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Dec 152013

With the work force continuing its shrinkage, there’s going to be serious influence purveyed by the “do more with less” crowd.  Entrepreneurs who can find ways to leverage smaller and smaller staffs will be seen as the prophets in the year ahead, with an ability to make businesses (and whole industry sectors) thrive with what once would have been considered bare-bones staff.  This is bad news for the underskilled, as they will find fewer and fewer positions available to take advantage of their trainable strengths.

Some of the smart executives will find ways to control their work force challenges (and the increased disparity between the very well-paid highly-skilled crowd and their less-skilled counterparts) by looking for the “diamonds in the rough,” and earning their loyalty through extensive training and opportunities for growth.  Expect more than one story from the IT community where someone who is hired for something completely unrelated to the technical side of the business finds their way into the pantheon of top performers on the tech side of the house.

Oh, and yes, we’ll have flying cars…

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series.]


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