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If one listed the top technology concerns for CIOs and CEOs around the world, cybersecurity has to be right at the top. Over the last year, serious data breaches have been increasingly common. Perhaps the most publicized was the one that occurred at Target during the Christmas season last winter. Millions of customers’ credit information was disclosed and Target did not discover/acknowledge the breach for nearly three weeks. The ensuing scandal cost the CSO, CIO and eventually the CEO their jobs and the company hundreds of millions of dollars in lost sales and in falling stock prices. Recently, EBay’s PayPal subsidiary disclosed that it had been broken into in February 2014 and the breach was discovered in May.

For decades, organizations have depended upon firewalls to protect the data within the corporate data centers, but as people move more applications out from behind their firewalls, how do they protect their critical data? How can organizations react more quickly or more automatically to security breaches? What can be done to stop data breaches once and for all?

An upcoming issue of Cutter IT Journal — with Guest Editor Ken Orr — will address these concerns and present strategies for meeting the challenges of data hacking/cybersecurity being faced by organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What security measures/policies should be implemented to minimize breaches?
  • What is the CxO’s role in cyber security? Who else should be involved?
  • How secure is the cloud? What safeguards should be implemented to ensure your data is safe in the cloud?
  • How secure is open software? Are there any new open source tools on the market to meet today’s heightened security challenges?
  • What kinds of positive security behaviors should be required of employees including the handling of confidential information?
  • How can SMBs best protect themselves from cybercrime without facing financial failure?
  • What is the best strategy for storing personal and credit data?
  • How can a unified data protection policy be enforced across servers, networks, and endpoints?
  • How can vulnerabilities in a corporate network be detected and protected?
  • Once a breach has occurred, what’s the best way to minimize the damage?
  • What is the best strategy for informing customers and the public of a breach?
  • What kind of BYOD policy would be most effective?


Please send your article proposal to the Guest Editor Ken Orr at korr[at]cutter[dot]com, with a copy to Christine Generali at cgenerali[at]cutter[dot]com no later than 20 June and include an extended abstract, a short article outline showing major discussion points, and a brief bio of the author.

Accepted articles are due by 25 July 2014.

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Christine Generali

Christine Generali is a Group Publisher for Cutter Consortium - responsible for the editorial direction and content management of Cutter's flagship publication, Cutter IT Journal.


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