Dec 062014

Presuming the economic forecast provided by the Beaulieu brothers holds and we have a growth expansion through 2017 with a hard recession in 2018, I predict the following:

  • Companies will continue to build up technical debt at a dizzying pace to stay competitive
  • In 2018, those with cash and an elegant code base will be able to charge lower prices due to their response efficiencies
  • In 2019, companies dependent on software will not be purchased (too much financial and technical debt) – they will just go out of business.

The keys are to focus on competitive advantage, reduce technical and financial debt, and be ready to outcompete on price, delivery and customer expectations.

In other words, stop being faster, better and cheaper in building your company into its own form of Hell.

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series.]


David Spann

David Spann is a Senior Consultant with Cutter’s Agile Project Management practice. He specializes in helping leaders and organizations become more “agile and adaptive” through the creation of better performing teams, executive coaching and strategic planning.


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