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Call for Papers- Next Generation Production MgtThe production and ramp-up of complex and highly customized products are planning and control challenges, especially in small lot sizes. Daily challenges like late change requests, and immature high technology products and processes introduce significant risks in the production process. Using ICT-based approaches can help one develop mitigation strategies to respond quicker to unexpected events, implement and support early warning systems and introduce real-time decision support mechanisms that feature accelerated learning.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and tools such as service-based architectures and knowledge-based Multi Agent Systems (MAS) can help improve performance and scalability beyond state-of-the-art. Furthermore, innovative solutions including the IoT and cloud-based architectures can offer the basis for efficient management of the whole production ecosystem that includes sensors, manufacturing tools, legacy systems and agent-based systems. Last but not least, the dawning era of Big Data calls for the efficient collection, analysis and reasoning of manufacturing information via tools that are being designed and delivered at an increasing rate.

An upcoming issue of Cutter IT Journal — with Guest Editor Patrikakis Charalampos — will address how next generation production management can benefit from embracing recent developments in ICT. It will also provide insights into the practical use of these technologies from industry experts.

Possible topics of discussion may include how the following can help streamline and improve next generation production management:

  • Employing the use of dynamic scheduling, resource allocation and optimization in manufacturing systems
  • Addressing operational and security issues in the production process
  • Employing multi agent systems in production management
  • Using semantic technologies in the production chain
  • Implementing efficient risk management through ICT
  • Applying intelligent manufacturing through Internet of Things
  • Employing the efficient use of sensors, robotic systems and multifunctional manufacturing units
  • Applying analytics and Big Data management production systems

Topics might also include:

  • What are the emerging standards in ICT controlled manufacturing systems?
  • What integrated-cooperative automation and control systems exist for intelligent manufacturing?
  • What is available in regard to ICT technologies and solutions for the Factory of the Future?


Please respond to Patrikakis Charalampos at bpatr[at]teipir[dot]gr, with a copy to cgenerali[at]cutter[dot]com no later than 2 February 2015 and include an extended abstract and a short article outline showing major discussion points.



Most Cutter IT Journal articles are approximately 2,500-3,000 words long, plus whatever graphics are appropriate. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact CITJ’s Group Publisher, Christine Generali at cgenerali[at]cutter[dot]com. Editorial guidelines are available online.


Christine Generali

Christine Generali is a Group Publisher for Cutter Consortium - responsible for the editorial direction and content management of Cutter's flagship publication, Cutter IT Journal.


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