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Call for Papers- Wearables
Wearable devices like smart watches (Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, etc.), activity/fitness trackers (FitBit, JawBone, etc.), smart badges for location tracking and security (Ekahaus), and smart glasses (Google Glass, Vuzix, etc.) are generating considerable interest in the consumer and business worlds. Recently, new types of wearables have also appeared, including “Smart fabrics/clothing” and virtual reality headsets.

Wearables offer a host of opportunities, ranging from creating a new touchpoint for companies to engage directly with customers to changing the way healthcare is provided and medical research is conducted. Moreover, the use of wearable devices to assist employees with their jobs is now underway and is expected to advance in the near future. In short, wearables are making their way into business applications ranging from CRM and HR to the manufacturing and shop floor, among other domains and industries.

But along with opportunities wearables bring considerations. These range from ensuring security to technical, business and privacy issues involving the collection, use and sharing of data acquired from personal devices for marketing, research, and legal/law enforcement purposes. Wearables also portend to shake up industries, as shown by life insurers and wellness providers who have already started offering discounts and incentives to members who agree to submit data from their fitness bands.

An upcoming issue of Cutter IT Journal with Cutter Senior Consultant Curt Hall seeks insight on how wearables will impact our corporate technology, business, social, and legal landscapes. This includes the use of wearables as consumer electronic devices as well as for use in business, manufacturing, healthcare, medicine, research, and other domains and industries.

Possible topics of discussion can include:

  • How will wearables affect the enterprise workforce?
  • How will smart watches and other wearables be used as a customer touchpoint?
  • How will wearable devices be used in manufacturing?
  • How will wearables affect mobile payments?
  • Are today’s security practices and technologies adequate for wearables, or is an entirely new threat detection and interdiction model required?
  • What compliance issues will wearable devices bring?
  • What operational infrastructure and analytics requirements will be required for supporting wearables?
  • What are the privacy implications of wearables — including for consumers and employees?
  • What are the possible implications of wearables on the law and legal professions?
  • What kind of opportunities will virtual reality present in business and industry?

Please send an email to Christine Generali, cgenerali[at]cutter[dot]com and Guest Editor Curt Hall, chall[at]cutter[dot]com and include an extended abstract showing major discussion points.

Publishing date: Fall 2015

Editorial Guidelines.

Photo: NYC Media Lab by CC license.


Christine Generali

Christine Generali is a Group Publisher for Cutter Consortium - responsible for the editorial direction and content management of Cutter's flagship publication, Cutter IT Journal.


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