Feb 162017
CFP Digital Business/Operating Models

There’s no denying the disruption resulting from new business models enabled by digital technologies. From Uber turning the taxi industry on its head, to Facebook/Venmo blindsiding the banking industry by becoming a player in funds transfer, both organizations and entire industries are having to rethink value — how they create it and how they capture it.

If you’ve been involved in transforming your company’s business model, or creating an entirely new business model, we invite you to share your story.

If you’ve had to regroup to face new competition — made possible by digital technologies — we invite you to share your story, too.

Cutter Consortium will publish a special “From the Field” report later this year highlighting case studies and experience reports from organizations that have tried (with or without success) to embrace a new digital business model, and also from organizations that have been forced to react and respond when a new competitor has unexpectedly entered their market.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your experience and insight on digital business models and the digital operating models required to support them with a global audience of senior execs across industries. I’m accepting article ideas/abstracts for consideration until March 1.

We will select up to 5 proposals for inclusion in the Cutter Consortium Executive Report, “Reports from the Field: Digital Disruption of Business Models”. If chosen, your final paper will be 1,500-4,000 words; original artwork/figures are welcomed. Your piece will be professionally edited by the Cutter team who has covered emerging trends for more than three decades and has helped transform the ideas of pioneers into outstanding articles for readers worldwide.

Send me (cswain at cutter dot com) your article idea/abstract by March 1. Or call me (+1 781 641 5123) to discuss your idea or for more information. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Cindy Swain

Cindy is Cutter Consortium’s Managing Editor. She works with Cutter’s Fellows and Senior Consultants to secure Cutter’s research content and oversees Cutter’s quantitative survey efforts.


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