About The Blog


The Cutter Blog is a multi-author blog, a platform where Cutter’s expert Senior Consultants and Fellows present their opinions on and reactions to what’s happening in business technology. But it’s not just about espousing opinion — it’s really about debate. At Cutter, we don’t believe in one-size fits all. We thrive on intellectual sparring. And we invite you to join the fray: share your ideas and opinions and help push the thinking around business technology strategies.

About Cutter Consortium

Cutter Consortium‘s mission is to help organizations leverage technology for competitive advantage and business success through its content, training, and consulting — all of which is provided exclusively by the world’s leading IT experts.

Cutter Consortium is a unique IT advisory firm, comprising a group of more than 150 internationally recognized experts who have come together to offer content, consulting and training to our clients. These experts are committed to delivering top-level, critical, and objective advice. They have done, and are doing, groundbreaking work in organizations worldwide, helping companies deal with issues in the core areas of software development and agile project management, enterprise architecture, business technology trends and strategies, innovation, risk management, metrics, business intelligence and sourcing.

Cutter offers a different value proposition than other IT research firms: We give you Access to the Experts. You get practitioners’ points of view, derived from hands-on experience with the same critical issues you are facing, not the perspective of a desk-bound analyst who can only make predictions and observations on what’s happening in the marketplace. With Cutter Consortium, you get the best practices and lessons learned from the world’s leading experts; experts who are implementing these techniques at companies like yours right now.

Cutter’s clients are able to tap into its expertise in a variety of formats including print and online advisory services and journals, mentoring, workshops, training, and consulting. And by customizing our information products and training and consulting services, you’ll get the solutions you need while staying within your budget.