Alexandre Rodrigues


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Mar 082016

IT continues to revolutionize on a daily basis the way in which human society operates, to the extent that change itself is no longer perceived as something new, but rather has become the normal state of affairs. Amongst all areas of human and economic activity, IT continues to lead and stimulate further this fast pace of change. As hard evidence of this fact, we could describe an almost endless set of recent developments, including applications in aerospace, astronomy, medicine, cloud computing, smartphones, artificial intelligence (AI), drones, robots, voice and image recognition, Internet security, and so on. So what novelties and trends can we expect for 2016 and the years ahead? Overcoming Limits to Growth An Read more

Jan 022013
A Slowdown in IT Developments that Depend on High Performance Internet

In my prediction last year I mentioned: In 2012 practically all electronic devices will be internet based. As people progressively learn to explore and mature the use of this technology, the growing impact on business models and collaborative working models will trigger new rules of survival in the new internet-based global economy. Successful organizations will transform accordingly. I also mentioned a number of factors like “Changes in political systems, environmental concerns and issues, climate changes and natural disasters…” that would create additional pressure for the development and use of internet-based technology and software systems. The year 2012 has confirmed (without a shadow of doubt) that organizations of all types are changing their business models to Read more

Dec 232011
Internet-based Mobile Technology will Play a Vital Role in 2012

Last year, my prediction focused on the emerging impact of Internet-based mobile technology on the business models in the context of the economic and financial crises. I predicted: The year of 2011 will most likely be characterized by further innovation and reliability of mobile technology allowing organizations to explore mobility on a much larger scale. Business models and processes are likely to be redesigned to embrace this potential. The year of 2011 brought clarity about the real causes and trends of the so-called “economic crisis”: surprisingly (or not) globalization, as it consolidates, has triggered what I call a “beneficial leveling of wealth” around the globe. While this leads to “economic crisis” in certain parts of Read more

Dec 092010

The year of 2010 was in many ways a negative surprise against the expectations. The aggravation of the economic crisis in some of the more developed economies of the world brought disappointment to companies and individuals who expected recovery, and with it, opportunities for exploring emerging technology. Despite the delayed recovery scenario, the Year 2010 nevertheless confirmed some anticipated trends in technology, specifically in Internet-based mobility, using laptops and cell phone-based small devices. In 2010, it was demonstrated that barriers to work collaboration across the globe are practically confined down to time-fuses – and even this constraint can in some cases be explored as an opportunity. With faster high-speed Internet available worldwide, and with cell Read more