Barry Devlin


Barry Devlin is a Senior Consultant with Cutter’s Data Analytics and Digital Technologies practice. He is a founder of the data warehousing industry, having published the first architectural paper on the topic in IBM Systems Journal in 1988. Dr. Devlin is among the foremost authorities on business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing. Read more ...

Jun 142016
How to Architect a Data Lake

“How do you architect a lake?” If the question sounds like the opening line of a joke, the answer would clearly come as: “You don’t. You can only discover one.” Whether it is data warehouses or marts, data lakes, or reservoirs, the IT industry has a penchant for metaphor. The subliminal images conjured in the human mind by the above terms are, in my opinion, of critical importance in guiding thinking about the fundamental meanings and architectures of these constructs. Thus, a data warehouse is a large, cavernous, but well-organized location for gathering and storing data prior to its final use and a place where consumers are less than welcome for fear of being knocked Read more