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Cindy is Cutter Consortium's Managing Editor. She works with Cutter's Fellows and Senior Consultants to secure Cutter's research content and oversees Cutter's quantitative survey efforts.

Feb 162017
Is your organization a disrupter? Has it been disrupted?

There’s no denying the disruption resulting from new business models enabled by digital technologies. From Uber turning the taxi industry on its head, to Facebook/Venmo blindsiding the banking industry by becoming a player in funds transfer, both organizations and entire industries are having to rethink value — how they create it and how they capture it. If you’ve been involved in transforming your company’s business model, or creating an entirely new business model, we invite you to share your story. If you’ve had to regroup to face new competition — made possible by digital technologies — we invite you to share your story, too. Cutter Consortium will publish a special “From the Field” report later Read more

Open or Closed?

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Nov 262007

While we’d all like to know whether your door is open or closed this holiday season and you’d welcome us for a pop-in visit, what we’re referring to here is architecture. In his recent Advisor, Ken Orr, Fellow, Cutter Business Technology Council, discusses some of the benefits and drawbacks to open and closed approaches to architecture. His comments are reproduced below, and we’d very much like to know your thoughts. Should architectures be closed? Or open? Or some combination? Are there certain types of architecture that should be one or the other? What do you think of Apple’s developer environment for the iPhone? Does this mark a change for Apple? Do you agree with the Read more

Scheduling via Agents

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Sep 252007

No, sorry, not the secret kind. Although if you don’t know about software agents, they may seem secret and mysterious. And I’m sure 007 would have found a use for them. Learn about agents and one of their many uses in Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant James Odell’s recent E-Mail Advisor. It’s reproduced below, and your comments are most welcome. Agent Technology: Painting Trucks at General Motors Traditionally, assembly line schedules are centrally developed and controlled. Any change in the schedule must be centrally reconfigured. When the line is small and has few unplanned stoppages, centrally controlled schedules work well. However, scheduling for most real-world assembly lines can be a nightmare: work stations break down, personnel Read more

Sep 102007

Are Agile methodologies and EA compatible? Cutter Senior Consultant Jim Watson and Cutter’s Director of the EA Practice Mike Rosen think so. They’ve recently been interviewed by Do read their insights. In the interview, Jim and Mike elaborate a bit on their opinions expressed in the Cutter Executive Report Are Agile Methods and Enterprise Architecture Compatible? Yes, with Effort, which they wrote along with Kurt Guenther. If you’re at all interested in combining Agile and EA and haven’t yet read this Report, you owe it to yourself to make it a priority read. What are your thoughts on the compatibility of Agile methods and EA? Have you used them together? What was the result? Read more

Aug 222007

Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole is at it again! He’s come up with a list of the top ten things he’d say to “management” about technology. I’ll just post three of his items here for you to react to, but do read his entire list in this week’s Business Technology Trends & Impacts E-Mail Advisor. 4. Please stop making exceptions to the governance process. If you want to save money and keep us agile, then do not allow all the flowers to bloom; instead, publish the standards and then stick with them. Every time you let someone off the hook, you make our life more complicated — and expensive. 6. Please make us account for our Read more

What are the Rules?

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Jul 242007

Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole has stirred up a storm of controversy with his latest Business Technology Trends E-Mail Advisor! What’s your take on his 10 rules? I’ve posted the Advisor below. Do you agree with Steve? Do you disagree? Let us know what you think and what your rules would be! 10 New Rules Here are 10 rules I’d like to propose we all follow, starting immediately: CIOs should come from the business, not the technology ranks: technology-rooted CIOs will never really understand the importance of business as the technology driver. When prospective CIOs start talking about network latency and virtualization, it’s time to get the hook out; go with the professional talking about up-selling Read more