Darren Meister


Darren Meister a Fellow with Cutter's Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies and Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practices. He is the John M. Thompson Chair in Engineering Leadership and Innovation at Western University. His interests focus on technology-based entrepreneurship and the interactions between the founding team and early customers. Read more ...

Feb 092016
Three IT Trends that Are Hitting the Mainstream in 2016

I spend most of my time looking at how individuals access data, information, and knowledge in ways that allow them to make better decisions and to enjoy themselves. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts about some trends that I think will push demands on corporate IT departments and the IT industry broadly: wearables, machine intelligence, and data visualization. Wearables If you look at most phones, tablets, and laptops, you see a continuing clumsy interaction between human and device. A phone flipping through the air as the user loses her handle on it is not a surprising event. Laptops crash to the ground, and there is a thriving industry in screen replacement. While Read more