Diana Larsen


Diana Larsen is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium’s Agile Product & Project Management practice. Deeply in tune with how work teams adapt, develop, and perform, she works with organizations worldwide to design high-performance work systems, improve project team effectiveness, and support leaders and enterprises in their transitions to Agile methods. Read more ...

Mar 242015
Retrospective Meetings: What Goes Wrong?

Too many retrospective meetings receive cursory planning or inadequate facilitation and are thus unable to reap the potential benefits. Too many retrospective meetings are held to “check the box” on the process meetings template, rather than to focus on real improvements. Too many teams never implement or revisit the action plans coming out of retrospectives. Disguised as retrospective action planning, too many teams seek to shift blame and responsibility for action to others. In too many organizations, retrospective meetings don’t deliver the promised return on time invested (ROTI). It’s time for a change. Jake (an inexperienced Agile coach) and his colleagues attended a ScrumMaster certification course. They learned about the power of retrospectives to foster Read more