Giancarlo Succi


Giancarlo Succi is a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Agile Product & Project Management practice. He has consulted with private and public organizations worldwide in the areas of Agile methods, software quality (measurements), software system architecting, design, development, IT strategy, and training for software personnel. Read more ...

Jul 052013

API Economy offers new business opportunities for businesses of different types and sizes. Potential benefits range from direct increase in sales, reaching new markets, to brand name expansion and unlocking of human innovations of third-parties. It is important to understand, however, that while API Economy offers exciting new possibilities, it does not guarantee that all or any of its promises are fulfilled. Just because you expose a novel and valuable API does not guarantee that it will be successful or that it will have the results that you expect. There are a number of different factors and risks that come into play. One might get lucky and achieve success without much effort and understanding how Read more

May 222013
Making Profits Using API Economy

How much have you paid for your last home phone? Probably 10 euros, dollars, or whatever is your currency. It is likely that 20 years ago you would have paid a higher amount, even without taking into account the inflation. Still, imagine a world where you are the only phone owner, what would be the value of such phone? Probably zero, or even negative, since it would be a useless device that occupies space in your home. Here we appreciate two concurrent and conflicting phenomena that are at the root also of API Economy. The first is the so-called Network Effect: the phone has a value that depends on the number of users of the Read more