Gustav Toppenberg


Mr. Toppenberg is a contributor to Cutter's Business & Enterprise Architecture practice. He has more than 16 years' experience in startup, high-growth, and Fortune 100 companies. His diverse background includes building and leading transformational efforts for both small and global operations and spans across business and IT strategy; business operations; IT risk management; project, program, and portfolio management; organizational change management; management consulting; and IT service management. Read more ...

May 032016
EA's Role in the Innovation Management Process

By asking the CEOs of some of the most successful and influential companies in the world, such as GE and Google, a clear definition of innovation manage­ment emerges. The definition addresses the need to quickly and effectively implement organizational goals and objectives to remain competitive and the desire to strengthen advantages through the adoption of innovative ideas, products, processes, and business models.[1] Enterprises facing increasing competition and the pressure of techno­logical innovation are beginning to realize that to drive organic business growth and maintain a competitive advantage, they need to discover and imple­ment innovation quickly and with great care to ensure maximum value. One-off innovations are moderately easy to take advantage of, but to create a pipeline of Read more