James Robertson


James Robertson is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Agile Product & Project Management practice. He currently advises companies on how to adapt modern software development techniques to fit specific projects and how to effectively transfer the new technologies to the software developers within the organization. Read more ...

Apr 102012
Keeping the Innovation in Agile

Quite a few clients report that agile is anti-innovation. The developers have a vested interest in developing whatever they can produce within the allowable time. They are rewarded for maintaining the velocity of the project, not for their innovative solutions. Note that innovation, as we use the term here, means fresh thinking. We do not mean that innovation is the same as invention — it’s not. Innovation is thinking differently about the business problem with the intention of finding more beneficial things for the business to do. User stories that are not based on real business stories will struggle to be innovative. The user story describes what happens at the interface and is mostly what Read more

Dec 082010

I predict that in the coming year, agile teams will realise that they need to have skilled business analysts as part of the team. The product owner is in no position to represent the business at large, nor is anyone whose main concern is hitting the sprint targets. Let’s get some business thinking and system thinking into the mix, and stop concentrating on the software alone. I also predict, it’s more of a hope really, that people will stop using the meaningless term “delivering customer value”. [Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series, compiled at the Cutter Consortium website.]