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Jim Love is a Senior Consultant with the Business Technology Strategies practice. He is also the CEO of Chelsea Consulting, a strategic IT and business consulting company specializing in outsourcing and SaaS. Read more ...

Major IoT Hack to Come

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Dec 082014
Major IoT Hack to Come

I predict there will be a major hack to a connected devices, causing havoc and putting a temporary damper on the stampede towards the Internet of Things. It will be widespread, as the hackers will want to show just how vulnerable we are. This will be a temporary setback, and the precise impact will depend on the severity of the damage done — but the Internet of Things development will continue. In a related note, it will be revealed that the government has experimenting with novel ways to conduct surveillance using these connected devices. My biggest bet is that LEDs used to light public areas will be the first discovered, but there may be even Read more

Which MDM?

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Dec 122013
Which MDM?

In 2014, a number of vendors will emphasize Multi Database Management (MDM) tools in the cloud. Through the magic of marketing, we will somehow deal with the conflicting acronym generated as a result (Mobile Device Management). These tools will be available as Software as a Service and will create virtual databases to serve cloud-based BI. The value proposition will be the “democratization” of Big Data. [Editor’s Note: This post is part of the annual “Cutter Predicts …” series.]

Nov 052013

One of the benefits of having worked in both product management and technology for over 35 years is that you gain a certain perspective. We live in an endless stream of invention. It seems as though everything is new. But to the astute, the observant, even in an explosion of discovery, patterns emerge. If you are brilliant, you see these patterns earlier than others. Intel cofounder Gordon E. Moore observed in 1965 that the number of integrated circuits (remember those?) would double every two years. This brilliant insight came to be known as Moore’s Law, and it predicted and explained the growth in technological capability and the decrease in cost — and hence the ubiquity Read more

Aug 152012

For those not familiar with the structure of subways, the third rail is the one that carries the power for the trains. Under no circumstances do you ever want to touch it. The phrase “third rail” has made its way into political discourse as a description of a “no-win” issue — something that should be avoided at all costs. In corporate IT, email and the increasingly sophisticated messaging structure that supports it are third rail issues. As I said, the third rail is what carries the power to a subway train or electrified rapid transit. Should you be so unlucky as to find yourself on one of those tracks, it’s safe to touch the two Read more