Joseph Feller


Dr. Joseph Feller is Editor of Cutter Benchmark Review and a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Data Insight & Social BI practice. His research focuses on open innovation and peer production phenomena, such as open source software, open content, crowdsourcing, innovation marketplaces, citizen science, and social media collaboration platforms. Read more ...

May 212013

There is no doubt that the layering of interactive information over the physical world in real time — aka augmented reality (AR) — has a considerable “wow factor.” Nonetheless, IT decision makers need to take a cold hard look at augmented reality before jumping on this particular bandwagon. There are two key questions that need to be answered. First, can AR applications create real value for your customers, employees, and other stakeholders? Second, can your company overcome the significant challenges facing the relatively young AR community? Over the past few years, the toy manufacturer Lego rolled out interactive augmented reality (AR) kiosks (a monitor and camera) in a number of retail outlets. (You can view one of Read more