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Karen Fine Coburn is President & CEO of Cutter Information LLC. She leads Cutter's strategic positioning and growth initiatives, including building and managing alliances as well as Cutter's relationships with its +100 consultants. Read more ...

Jan 262016
Thank You, Ed, for All You Gave Us

As many of you will know by the time you read this, Ed Yourdon died last week. He was a pioneer in software engineering, author of 26 computer books and hundreds of computer articles, a prominent consultant and lecturer, and, here at Cutter, founder and longtime Editor of what is now known as Cutter IT Journal. Ed also cofounded the Consortium part of Cutter, authored many Cutter technology journals, and wrote thousands of Cutter email advisors. Most importantly, Ed was a great friend to all of us. His influence on Cutter’s mission and values endures. My first encounter with Ed was at a CASE conference. He had just delivered a brilliant keynote that, true to form, Read more

Oct 072011

Generations of music lovers have mourned the early death of Mozart, imagining the magnificent contributions he would have made had he lived into old age. Similarly, people today around the world, while celebrating the remarkable life of Steve Jobs, are simultaneously sorrowful as they contemplate the many ways he might have continued to delight us had his life not been curtailed. His ability to innovate and break new ground in so many diverse areas – from computing to animation, marketing to music – makes his loss all the more profound. Steve’s Stanford graduation address is being replayed repeatedly today, full of life lessons for us all. But it’s also intriguing in the context of the Read more

Jun 182010

A few years ago, Cutter Fellow Bob Charette wrote about the travails of BP in this ERM&G E-Mail Advisor, and warned that, “if any more bad news erupts in the near future, BP’s current crisis of hubris will be perceived instead as being cynical, self-serving organizational hypocrisy. And once tarred with that brush, the time required for rehabilitation will be counted in decades, not months or years.” Bob may have been optimistic, given what has happened and what has come out in the way of BP’s abject risk mismanagement of the whole affair. “Tarred” indeed. We think Bob’s piece is remarkably prophetic, and worth republishing. Don’t Make Out Checks You Can’t Cash 31 August 2006 by Read more

May 202010
Cutter Consortium+Oil Spills=Not as unlikely a pair as you’d think!

Cutter is primarily known as being a consortium of internationally recognized IT experts.  But in the past, we also had an environmental division that published many cutting-edge journals. This might not sound like a logical pairing, but Cutter’s mission, whether in the realm of environment or IT, has always been to deliver meaningful, objective information, based on the thoughtful input of experts in the field. The spill in the Gulf of Mexico has inspired me to do a bit of a corporate retrospective. Twenty-two years ago, Cutter’s Oil Spill Intelligence Report served as a global clearinghouse of oil spill news and information. Just prior to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, we highlighted the potential risk Read more