Paul Harmon


Paul Harmon is an internationally-known business consultant and technology analyst and a Senior Consultant with Cutter’s Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practice. Combining his interest in intelligent software technologies and in how businesses organize their processes to maximize their success, Mr. Harmon is currently researching and writing about how organizations are using the latest cognitive techniques to maximize the efficiency of their business activities. More …

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May 032016
Five Perspectives on Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is among the major trends in computing today and seems destined to change how business people think about the ways in which computers can be used in business environments. “Cognitive computing” is a vague term used in a myriad of ways. Given the confusion in the market as to the nature of cognitive computing, our recent Executive Report (Part I in a two-part series) describes what we mean by cognitive computing by exploring five different perspectives on the topic: (1) rules-based expert systems, (2) big data and data mining, (3) neural networks, (4) IBM’s Watson, and (5) Google’s AlphaGo. Here is a brief description of each. Rules-Based Expert Systems There have been other attempts to commercialize artificial intelligence Read more