Peter Kaminski


Peter Kaminski is a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Agile Product & Project Management practice. He has served as technical cofounder for five Internet startups, including Socialtext, a leading provider of enterprise social software, and Yipes Communications, a pioneering provider of Ethernet WAN services. Read more ...

Apr 222014

Describing the end state of a successful Scrum rollout can be very exciting for beginning teams. It can also seem a little daunting, particularly after that first sprint, in which the team could feel some of its potential but wasn’t yet able to reach it. I find this can be especially true for teams adopting Scrum in a larger environment that’s not yet an ideal environment for Scrum. Perhaps the whole team cannot dedicate itself full time to the Scrum project yet, or the product owner is still transitioning out of previous product management responsibilities to other parts of the organization. As much as we would like our beginning Scrum teams to have every advantage, Read more

Oct 222013

Heightened connectivity among customers has changed the way they interact with your products. Furthermore, it has changed the amount of information you can collect about your customers. As a result, you have new opportunities — and obligations — to communicate with your customers and make changes to your products and marketing tactics based on this new knowledge. Let’s consider some strategies to listening — and thus connecting — to your customers in a more positive and useful manner. Be Thoughtful and Attentive Your company and your employees will have a hard time learning from customers if they are not interested in them. Teach your employees to be thoughtful about interacting with your customers, as if Read more