Robert Mason


Dr. Robert M. Mason is a Fellow with Cutter Consortium's Business Technology Strategies practice. He is on the faculty of the Information School at the University of Washington, where his research focuses on the philosophy and ethics of technology management, the cultural aspects of knowledge management, and how culture affects the concept of a global digital library. Read more ...

Dec 142010

I could be wrong, but here are my predictions for the upcoming year. I believe that these observations will become more widely apparent. Prediction 1: Established firms will continue to feel the pressure for changing how they lead and manage. The influx of ‘net geners’ into the workplace will increasingly challenge traditional leadership and management styles. Established companies with previously successful top-town and hierarchical structures will re-think their management style in order to attract and retain innovative, younger workers. Prediction 2: In 2011, it will become more evident that the fastest growing companies over the next several years will be those that reflect the values of net geners (e.g., innovation, particularly in systems for social justice and Read more

Aug 202008

According to some observers, the new generation of workers entering organizations are different. This generation, sometimes labeled “millennials” or “digital natives,” number almost 70 million–greater than the prior “gen Xers” (51 million) but somewhat smaller than the generation of “boomers” (83 million). Some are suggesting that these digital natives, having grown up in an environment rich in information technology, approach knowledge work differently and present challenges for current management and organizational practices. Have you noticed any differences in work habits as new hires enter your organization? We put together a short scenario that illustrates what some see as how these new workers may be different. Here is how it begins: Jeri Smith heads down the Read more