San Murugesan


Professor San Murugesan is a Senior Consultant with the Data Insight & Social BI practice and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Computing and Mathematics at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, and is an independent IT and education consultant. Read more ...

Jun 012010

CIOs and IT departments are being asked to reduce energy consumption of their IT, and manage energy supply and demand intelligently. Even simple steps that make a small difference for an individual or an organization can make a huge difference for the world. However, to comprehensively and effectively address the environmental impacts of IT, we must adopt a holistic approach and make the entire IT lifecycle greener by addressing environmental sustainability at every stage/phase. And, to build a greener environment, we might also be required to end or modify many of our old and familiar ways of doing things to adopt Green strategies, revise enterprise policies and discover new methods. Further, companies are urged to Read more

May 302010

As environmental issues are becoming a major global concern, a new spotlight is lit on IT showcasing it as both a solution and a problem for environmental sustainability. As businesses and governments try to balance growth with environmental risks, we’re called upon to make our IT systems — and their use — greener, and to use the power of IT in innovative ways to address mounting environmental issues. Green IT – environmentally sound IT – is the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, and using computers, servers, monitors, printers, storage devices, and networking and communications systems efficiently and effectively with zero or minimal impact on the environment. It includes the dimensions of environmental sustainability, the Read more