Scott Stribrny


Scott Stribrny is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business Technology Strategies practice and a leading figure in the world of process improvement. He is currently advising on techniques for effective product requirement specification and risk management. Read more ...

Dec 212014
The Apprentice:  An American Reality Game Show Or The Ultimate Job Interview For Entry-Level Software Professionals?

I predict that more software companies will adapt and adopt the vocational training model that’s used successfully in Germany. The idea is to directly connect software education to a job. German companies hire students right out of high school for work-study programs. Those apprenticeships often lead to full-time positions with the company once the student graduates. In the U.S., carpenters and a number of other important craftsman trades have used an apprenticeship system to teach and build expertise for hundreds of years. So far, few U.S. companies are even familiar with such a system for software professionals. With more press attention, we’ll see a tailored German model gain momentum in the U.S.  Once employers gain Read more

Jul 212011

Sunday evening my wife and I took in the musical “Chicago,” a sensational tale of sin, corruption and all that jazz, set in prohibition era Chicago, my hometown. The story is a sizzling satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice and the concept of the “celebrity criminal.” Listening to the lyrics sung by the hapless character Amos, I suspected that even the most confident of us might empathize with him as he sings ‘Mr. Cellophane’: “If someone stood up in a crowd And raised his voice up way out loud And waved his arm and shook his leg You’d notice him If someone in the movie show Yelled “Fire in the second row Read more

Nov 232009

Outsourcing big is not always beautiful. Indeed, sometimes outsourcing big can be a blunder. For example, on Friday, Information Age reported a tally of the UK government’s project management track record, and found that IT projects count among its worst failures. Why? “Government needs to stop thinking that when it comes to procuring IT systems, big is always beautiful,” says shadow chancellor George Osborne. “We need to move in the direction of what are known as ‘open standards’ – in effect, creating a common language for government IT,” he said, which would mean “big projects can be split into smaller elements, which can be delivered by different suppliers and then bolted together”. Even in Texas, big Read more