Tushar K. Hazra


Dr. Tushar K. Hazra is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business & Enterprise Architecture practice. Dr. Hazra focuses on component-based enterprise application development, integration, and deployment. Read more ...

Dec 192007

On December 16, 2007 USA Today published an article on this subject: “India is the world’s largest democracy, so it seems fitting that the New Delhi-based information technology services giant HCL Technologies is attempting what may be the most ambitious effort yet at installing a workplace democracy. That may sound impossible, but so did running nations as democracies in past centuries. CEO Vineet Nayar, 45, has written a case study about HCL’s experiment for the Harvard Business School. He spoke to USA TODAY corporate management reporter Del Jones about his bold experiment and why he believes that in the future, democratic companies will outperform the command-and-control dictatorships that have persisted since the industrial revolution…..” I Read more

Jun 122007

Over the past few years, offshore oursoucing has become a household topic of discussion for IT and non-IT practitioners. I have not seen a trade magazine that doesn’t talk about outsourcing. I see debate everywhere. Now, what does that really mean? Are we any smarter today than we were 5 years or 10 years back? Absolutely!! I think today – decision makers are well informed. We have a lot more lessons learned that we can put our hand on. Yet, the question remain: are we attaining the ROI we promised to the shareholders? Are we making our employees more motivated to innovate than before. I think there is a whole lot to be said about Read more