Ward Cunningham


Ward Cunningham is a Fellow of the Agile Product & Project Management practice. He is the Director of Committer Community Development of the Eclipse Foundation, an innovative open source collaboration among large and small commercial interests. Read more ...

Dec 152010

In 2011 we will see successful mechanical refactoring across service and organizational boundaries. Regretfully it will take nine more years for this to become a common agile practice. In a decade we will see terms of service expressed as automated tests. Service providers will occasionally revise these terms and their tests as they upgrade their services. They will NOT, however, be obligated to support an old interface indefinitely. Rather, they will be obligated to provide automated refactoring scripts that have been shown to mechanically upgrade a well-known public suite of sample applications in such a way that the new tests pass. Careful readers will notice that I’m equating testing a service interface and testing a Read more