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Feb 122018
The Rise of the Hub Economy

According to Harvard Business School Professor Karim Lakhani, who is also a Cutter Consortium Fellow, a new “hub economy” is emerging as a result of a shift in the business models companies are using to create and capture value. It’s now networks and data that are the organizing principles. The hub economy, writes Prof. Lakhani in a recent article for Cutter Business Technology Journal, is disrupting traditional businesses — from retail to automotive, hospitality to health, manufacturing to finance — all across the spectrum. This, in turn, is creating world in which just a small number of companies (think Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc.) dominate. Why? Karim states: The nature of competition in the hub economy Read more

Keys to Happiness

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Jan 302018
Keys to Happiness

I can’t think of a reason why a company wouldn’t want happy customers. So why are there so many terrible customer experiences? According to Cutter Consortium Fellow Steve Andriole, making customers happy is really straightforward: “There are no industry constraints, just leadership obstacles.” Here are Steve’s 7 steps to gain happy customers: Positive customer experiences can be created by first objectively baselining the current state of customer experiences. Perform a competitive analysis of the companies in your industry and in adjacent industries to profile their best — and worst — practices. Identify — and price — the best practices you identify from the competitive analyses that correlate directly with your customer experience pain. Pilot initiatives Read more