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Coming Soon: 2014

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Dec 022013
Coming Soon: 2014

Once again, the end of the year has snuck up! That means it’s time for our annual Cutter Predicts … series. Over the next few weeks, Cutter Fellows and Senior Consultants will showcase their visions of 2014 (and in some cases, beyond) here on the Cutter Blog and also on the Cutter website. Feel free to weigh in: do you agree with their predictions? Do you have supporting evidence of the hypotheses? Or maybe you have evidence to the contrary. In any case, we’d love to hear what you have to say and what you see unfolding next year on the business technology landscape. (If you want to take a trip down memory lane, you’ll Read more

Cutter Predicts …

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Dec 022010

This time last year, we asked Cutter Consortium Fellows and Senior Consultants what they foresaw for the 2010 business technology landscape. Their predictions ran the gamut from agile taking off and scaling in a big way (as well as several predictions of big agile failures), to mobile devices becoming the client device of choice; collaboration in the cloud giving companies leverage against the software giants; enterprises embracing collaborative and social business intelligence and social media analytics; scrutiny of the security issues surrounding cloud computing; a renewed focus on the customer experience; and more. True to Cutter’s philosophy, each expert brought his or her own experience to bear, yielding thoughtful, thought-provoking, and opinionated forecasts. Plus, it Read more

Predictions Gone Wild!

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Jan 052010

Cutter Senior Consultants have made lots of predictions for 2010 (and the years that follow). I’m sure you’ve also seen many predictions from others. And you’ve probably had your fill of “a look back at 2009” and “best of” articles. So we thought it would be fun to add a twist to all this soothsaying: A fill-in-the-blank prediction. Sort of like Mad-Libs, but without the parts of speech. Here’s our generic, reusable template for business technology predictions (v2010.0). Complete your prediction in the comments. Or make a video of it and post it on the Cutter Facebook page. Let’s see what happens! This past year we saw the maturation/saturation/stagnation of __________________1.0/2.0/3.0. We’re now squarely entering Read more

Even more predictions

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Jan 052010

Over the last week we’ve received predictions from more Cutter Senior Consultants. Here’s a preview of the latest additions: Rebecca Herold: Bigger privacy breaches than any that have occurred so far on social media sites will occur as a result of no information security or privacy pre-planning at many to most of these organizations. James Odell: systems will no longer primarily be top down. Instead, as individuals, small groups, and organizations interact around the world, technology must support approaches that are more side-by-side. Rob Austin: 2010 will be the year in which mobile devices become the client device of choice in many enterprises. Jim Highsmith: A small, but significant, number of organizations will “get it” when Read more

More Predictions

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Dec 242009

The crystal ball gazing continues. Here are more excerpts from Cutter Senior Consultants’ predictions for 2010 and beyond. Dave Rooney: Agile Software Development will follow the same pattern as two other game-changing trends — Relational Database Management Systems and Object-Oriented Programming over the upcoming decade. Claude Baudoin: Expect contractors and consultants to be in demand, and many of them will be ex-employees who, having found their past employer’s loyalty in short supply, will now be more interested in being their own boss than in rejoining as an employee. Ken Collier: Although Agile adoptions will proliferate, we will see an increase Agile project failures due to misunderstanding, misapplication, and misguided attempts to follow an “agile recipe”. Read more

Dec 232009

With the new year upon us, we asked Cutter’s Senior Consultants and Fellows for their business technology predictions. Their perspectives — as always — are quite thoughtful, thought-provoking, and varied. Projections cover the changing role of the CIO, what will happen in enterprise architecture, the increasing adoption of agile, the explosion of cloud computing, the impact of green initiatives, and more. We’re posting all the predictions on the Cutter website as they come in. Here are some excerpts: Israel Gat: I expect 2010 to be the first year of a prolonged golden age. San Murugesan: In 2010 and beyond, we will see growing interest and major developments in cloud computing, green IT, and mobile systems Read more