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Aug 062011

More than 200 sessions will be held during the coming week in Agile 2011. This creates a problem of choosing, not choice, for every participant. While this is a wonderful problem to have, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The Cutter team at Agile 2011 will hold a daily retrospective to help all of us navigate through the many parallel session in the conference. By so doing we expect to accomplish the following: Seeing the conference as a whole instead of ‘this presentation, that workshop.’ You can think about it as kind of ‘see the forest for the trees’. Connecting the dots by identifying linkages between a presentation one person attended and another one which Read more

Now On Stage …

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Aug 042011

If you’re going to Agile2011, be sure to check out the Testing and Quality Assurance stage. Cutter’s Ken Collier is co-producer, with Lisa Shoop from Sabre, of this stage. They’ve pulled together a powerhouse lineup of thought leaders in the Agile testing and QA space. The sessions on this stage will be highly interactive; they’re designed for sharing and learning from others. A few of the questions that will be addressed on Ken and Lisa’s Testing and QA stage include: How do quality metrics improve testing practices? How do you effectively manage technical debt in test suites? (This one will be answered by our own Israel Gat!) How do you ensure that testing “keeps up” Read more

Jul 282011

In her recent post Getting Ready for Agile 2011, Anne Mullaney gave an outline of my forthcoming sessions at the conference. Specifically, she highlighted the emergence of new forms of Agility: “Super-Fresh Code” is a term Israel coined (an extension of the “Super-Fresh Web” concept) to describe code that results from seizing upon the opportunities opened by combining recent advances in Agile software methods, cloud computing, mobile applications, and social networking. With the right mix, a company can outgun, outclass and outmaneuver its competition through real-time requirements management and superior business designs. Essentially, super-fresh code becomes the source of competitive advantage. This is a workshop that will make you think about Agile in ways you never Read more

May 212011

Dispatched to Saigon in 1963, a fact finding mission reported back to Washington in two voices. The military envoy was quite optimistic on the prospects for success in Vietnam. In contrast, his counterpart from the state department was very pessimistic. Puzzled by the variance between the two reports, JFK inquired “You two did visit the same country, didn’t you?” A variant of the question often comes to my mind during the interviews I do in preparation for my executive workshops. The variance between what I hear from one exec versus what I hear from another makes me wonder whether the two are actually working for the same company. For example, the past week an interviewee from a company Read more