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Agility and Stability

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Jun 282016
Agility and Stability

The world is in a time of rapid change resulting from the usual culprits: The integrated economies and labor market have created a “flat world. The Internet has reduced friction in the marketplace The accessibility of data has revolutionized target marketing The low cost of processing, storage, and software environments (e.g., Java, Python, R) has made application development efficient, enabling innovation and disruptive technology. In the past, building business was associated with stability — creating an organization of lasting value that persisted even through a change of management or some market structure change. Running a business in the face of today’s changes, however, alters the nature of business management. “Agility” is the facility of quick response Read more

Jun 272012
Borrowing from the Supreme Court

I listen to NPR on my way to work. Today, as part of the coverage of the impending Supreme Court ruling on the healthcare law, there was a really interesting segment on how the Supreme Court Justices decide cases. More than a decade ago, The Cutter Business Technology Council decided to employ this same method, and thus the Cutter Council Opinions were born. (Here’s a sample Opinion on cloud computing.) In a nutshell, the Council Fellows begin with a simple Assertion, capturing a specific nascent trend. The team debates the idea, and if it still stands after this first round, its champion writes a Syllabus describing the idea in more detail and sketching out his or her rationale. Read more

Aug 042011

  Below is the detailed outline for my August 10, 9:00AM Agile 2011 presentation. I look forward to meeting you and interacting with you in the conference before, during and after this presentation! Best, Israel Super-Fresh Code Part I: The Changing Nature of Change Traditional View of Agile as a Software Method A New Context for Agile Hyper-Segmented Global Markets A Modern Testing Value Chain Prosumption All the Way to the Brand Part II: Agile –> Agility Agility as an End-to-End Challenge The Value Delivery Journey Confluence of Agile, Cloud, Mobile and Social Everything as a Service Multiple Forms of Agile Part III: Your Agile Process has been Obsoleted A Passage in Time with Profound Implications Read more

Apr 162011
The Equipoise of Technical Debt

Over the past few years I had the privilege of carrying out numerous technical debt engagements for Cutter. The typical makeup of these engagements is: A) align the various stakeholders through a one day workshop on technical debt; B) measure the technical debt; C) devise a plan to reduce it; and, D) work with the client to implement the debt reduction plan. The Cutter Consortium case study here describes how we simultaneously addressed the strategic, tactical and operational needs of one of our clients through such engagement. These days we are starting to break new grounds in technical debt research, analysis and field work by integrating technical debt techniques in the fabric of Cutter’s client companies. Read more

Jan 022011
Your Agile Engagement is a Strategic Opportunity

I recently gotten into a bit of hot water with one of my clients – a leading online service in a certain category – when I commented that the kind of things they do in software development and IT is really no different from what various clients of mine do in other industries. In so saying, I seem to have unintentionally pushed the “but it is really different here” button. I should have known better… Feeling a little uncomfortable with the body language in the room, I pulled out the holidays discount coupons a client of mine in the apparel business was kind enough to give me the day before. “But what is the difference?” Read more

Agility in 90 Seconds

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Mar 182010

In the early part of the decade Nicholas Cage starred in the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds,” something about stealing cars very rapidly. In the mid-1980’s colleague Ken Orr wrote “The 1-Minute Methodology,” that uncovered the secret to speed—disconnect input from output. If you can steal a car in 60 seconds or execute a methodology in a minute, why not learn to be agile in 90 seconds? I get tired of articles like “The 3 things you must know to be agile,” or “Five easy steps to agile implementation,” or “The secrets of agility unleashed,” or “Agile Mastery in Minutes.” Software development is hard. Agile may be a better way to approach software development, but Read more