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May 022017
RPAs: A Cautionary Tale

Last week I wrote about the “triple win” that can come from robotic processing applications (RPAs). But Cutter Fellow Robert N. Charette points out a cautionary tale. In a recent Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Advisor, Charette tells the saga of the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency’s Michigan Integrated Data Automated System (MiDAS) system, which was found to have falsely accused at least 22,000 — and possibly more than 50,000 — of the state’s residents of unemployment fraud between October 2013 and August 2015. How did that happen? Writes Charette: It turns out that Michigan decided to fight unemployment fraud using a software-driven approach, rather than the previous ‘manual and paper intensive work process.’ In fact, Michigan UIA Read more

Dec 022008

Almost a month ago I told you about the cover story Bob Charette wrote for IEEE Spectrum on the problems in defense acquisition. Today, Robin Young of the NPR show Here & Now interviewed Bob about the article. You can listen to it here. The part with Bob begins about 5 minutes in, and lasts about 10 minutes.

Nov 042008

Cutter’s Bob Charette has written the cover story, “What’s Wrong With Weapons Acquisitions?,” for this month’s IEEE Spectrum. The article highlights the problems in defense acquisition: spiraling costs, extremely lengthy project delays, politics trumping technology, a lack of skilled workers, and a dearth of institutional knowledge as a result of outsourcing. Sound familiar? The scope of the projects and of the failures Bob reports is immense, but the issues are surely ones you can identify with, regardless of which industry you’re in or where you’re based. Bob interviewed dozens of industry and government defense-acquisition experts over the course of a year and a half to support this piece. When we talked about it, Bob remarked, Read more