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Jan 172018
[Call for Papers] Disciplined Agile: Roadmap to Business Agility

Business agility – being an adaptive, lean, responsive, and learning organization – is a race that enterprises need to win today, especially with the threat of disruption by new competitors. Yet there is no quick fix and no silver bullet to attain business agility. This is a multi-year journey requiring hard work, experimentation, and most importantly, a willingness to improve. To succeed, business agility requires true agility across the entire organization, not just in software development, DevOps, and IT. The challenge remains of how to move from optimizing team performance to optimizing the entire enterprise to enable rapid response to market conditions and enable innovation. A Disciplined Agile approach lowers risks and provides a path Read more

Agility and Stability

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Jun 282016
Agility and Stability

The world is in a time of rapid change resulting from the usual culprits: The integrated economies and labor market have created a “flat world. The Internet has reduced friction in the marketplace The accessibility of data has revolutionized target marketing The low cost of processing, storage, and software environments (e.g., Java, Python, R) has made application development efficient, enabling innovation and disruptive technology. In the past, building business was associated with stability — creating an organization of lasting value that persisted even through a change of management or some market structure change. Running a business in the face of today’s changes, however, alters the nature of business management. “Agility” is the facility of quick response Read more

Dec 152010

Last year, I anticipated collaborative businesses to flourish rapidly. Airlines collaborating with hotels, which in turn would collaborate with car rentals, and they in turn with the insurance companies. The customer benefits through the enhanced experience of seamless service. There are two major movements/trends in this area: Customer Collaboration. Customer collaboration is based on corporate customers who collaborate with one another in the process of buying/procuring products/services. Increasingly, through Web Services, customers are collaborating with each other as much as with vendors by forming electronic consortiums to procure wholesale goods, services, utilities, and so on. This will continue to lead to many-to-many electronic transactions resulting in a true oligopoly. Business Agility. Business agility is an Read more

Sep 092009

In thinking about business agility I’m drawn to Virginia Postel’s words. “How we feel about the evolving future tells us about who we are as individuals and as a civilization: Do we search for stasis — a regulated, engineering world? Or do we embrace dynamism, a world of constant creation, discovery, and competition? Do we crave predictability, or relish surprise?” (Postrel, Virginia. The Future and Its Enemies: The Growing Conflict over Creativity, Enterprise, and Progress. Touchstone, 1998). In today’s economic downturn many companies are waiting, waiting until the fuzzy future becomes less fuzzy. But, there is no way to predict what the economy, your industry, or your competition will look like in the next few Read more