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Jan 232018
Want to Change Your Organizational Culture? Get Started Yesterday.

Digitally-driven change is messy and unpredictable and unsettles everyone. Embracing the mess, and fundamentally changing organizational culture is critical for successful digital transformation. In the words of Cutter Consortium a change management expert Sheila Cox, “Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart. It means disrupting your company before your competitors do. It means experimenting, without any guaran­tee of success. It means creating something new and unproven, while sabotaging what’s already working. Digital transformation means taking big risks.” According to Cox, traditional, 3-phased approaches to change management don’t work with digital transformation. Why? Those approaches, such as Kurt Lewin’s “unfreeze, change refreeze” methodology, and Conner’s “present state, transition state, desired state” model, treat change Read more

Sep 072017
[Call for Papers] Change Leadership in a Digital Era

Some leaders mistakenly believe that they can opt out of Digital Transformation. They view Digital Transformation as adopting new technologies, and implementing organizational changes to enable the new technologies to provide the promised business benefits. Unfortunately, this is based on the erroneous assumption that organizations can choose whether they are impacted by new Digital Era technologies. The fact is, new Digital Era technologies are driving new ways of conducting business across industries and geographies. No one is untouched. The overall environment is continually changing and everyone is affected. Digital Era technologies are changing the relationships between employers and employees, between vendors and customers, and between service providers and service consumers. As these relationships change, expectations Read more