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Feb 142013

In his unique style, Hillel Glazer clears up confusion — while perhaps even standing on one leg — around CMMI in this video. He says it’s what to improve, not how, and that every CMMI practice avoids a risk so you can use the practices as guides to finding where you have issues. Agile-and/versus-CMMI has been a topic of lots of debate recently here at Cutter. For example, Hillel wrote in “Agile vs. CMMI: The Debate Goes On“: Jens Coldewey’s Advisor “Why ‘Agile vs. CMMI’ Leads Down the Wrong Track” rightly argues that “Agile vs. CMMI” is not the right direction to go. However, he assumed a particular (and common) perspective about CMMI and in doing Read more

Aug 012012

Is there something intrinsically incompatible between Agile and CMMI that will forever keep this conversation burning? This always heated debate hasn’t lost its steam yet. But maybe it should. Instead of focusing on “why or why not” – let’s focus instead on “how” Agile and CMMI can work together to effect successful software projects. The upcoming Cutter IT Journal with Guest Editor Hillel Glazer seeks practical advice and insight on how to improve the understanding and compatibility between Agile and CMMI. How can Agile or CMMI as products and services — provided via training or education — contribute to fanning or resolving the conversation? Or is there a viable reason they should part ways? Let Read more

Dec 222010

2010 saw the rapid growth of quantitatively-driven performance improvement among organizations serious about getting lean and seeing results.  Much of this can be attributed to newer techniques in agile practices such as Kanban for software, and related awareness resulting from these practices. Organizations getting serious about real, measurable improvement take being a learning organization to heart. They  have started to explore blended approaches where they may bring together more than one “named” approach, firmly internalize the salient themes from them and synthesize a custom method that meets their specific business needs.  Some of these organizations have also started to investigate and pursue use of CMMI as a framework for organizing and benchmarking their performance accomplishments. In Read more

Jun 202007

I don’t care if it works. It’s not our way. I don’t care if it’s expedient, effective or simpler. It’s not right. Those sound like counter-productive and potentially hostile kinds of comments. NOW, put them in a different context. CMMI. SAP. PMBOK. ITIL. These are the cookbooks of organizational success. By following the recipes, we can ensure great success. My two analogies come from my kitchen. I’m the chief cook in our house, and I love it. I was a short-order cook in high school and college, and found the experiences at a small-town restaurant to be enlightening. First, I “roast” my turkey with an inch+ of water in the bottom of the roaster. Talk Read more