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Sep 062013

  Let me start with full disclosure: A) I am a fellow of the Lean Systems Society; and, B) I will be attending the conference. Obviously, I am a little biased. This very natural bias notwithstanding, if you find my blog posts (click here and here) of interest, I am fairly certain you will have a ball in the conference. Moreover, I believe you will step out of the conference with a few actionable insights that might surprise you. The #1 problem most of my clients are struggling with these days is complexity; #2 is that they are expected to solve the complexity problem through best practices: #3 is that I tell them something like Read more

Quality is Personal

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May 112011
Quality is Personal

My friend Gadi got himself an FN Automatic Rifle. I, on the other hand, picked the Uzi submachine gun. Both of us were content with our choices. Gadi liked the superior range of the FN. I, on the other hand, was going for the reliability of the Uzi in desert conditions. I was still traumatized by my experience with the FN six years earlier during the paratroop raid on Umm Qatef in the Six-Day War [1] – the rifle choked on me in the sands of the Sinai desert. Other than potentially serving as a kind of a club, it was completely useless after I fired a few shots in anger. We were hastily picking and assembling our Read more