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Jan 172018
[Call for Papers] Disciplined Agile: Roadmap to Business Agility

Business agility – being an adaptive, lean, responsive, and learning organization – is a race that enterprises need to win today, especially with the threat of disruption by new competitors. Yet there is no quick fix and no silver bullet to attain business agility. This is a multi-year journey requiring hard work, experimentation, and most importantly, a willingness to improve. To succeed, business agility requires true agility across the entire organization, not just in software development, DevOps, and IT. The challenge remains of how to move from optimizing team performance to optimizing the entire enterprise to enable rapid response to market conditions and enable innovation. A Disciplined Agile approach lowers risks and provides a path Read more

Aug 042011

  Below is the detailed outline for my August 10, 9:00AM Agile 2011 presentation. I look forward to meeting you and interacting with you in the conference before, during and after this presentation! Best, Israel Super-Fresh Code Part I: The Changing Nature of Change Traditional View of Agile as a Software Method A New Context for Agile Hyper-Segmented Global Markets A Modern Testing Value Chain Prosumption All the Way to the Brand Part II: Agile –> Agility Agility as an End-to-End Challenge The Value Delivery Journey Confluence of Agile, Cloud, Mobile and Social Everything as a Service Multiple Forms of Agile Part III: Your Agile Process has been Obsoleted A Passage in Time with Profound Implications Read more