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Feb 032009

Since we started putting out the word on Cutter’s annual Summit before the program was 100% final, I’ve received several emails asking about what else is on tap. We’ve got a packed program already, and we’re still squeezing more in! Again this year, there’s nothing “theoretical” about any of the sessions at the Summit. Every keynote, case study, seminar and roundtable discussion is focused on the reality of dealing with the front-burner issues right now (with right now meaning May 4-6). Here are just a few of the highlights: Steve Andriole’s keynote, The 5 Essential Habits of Appropriately Paranoid Business Technology Strategists is sure to raise some eyebrows. Maybe even tempers. If you’ve read any Read more

Jan 292009

Israel Gat and Bob Furniss have joined Cutter’s team of expert Senior Consultants. Most recently, Israel Gat led the Agile transformation at BMC Software. Under his leadership, BMC software development increased Scrum users from zero to 1,000 in four years. [Michael Mah and Mike Lunt of BMC Software described this transformation in an Executive Report they wrote for Cutter clients, How Agile Projects Measure Up, and What This Means to You.] Israel is currently focusing on enterprise-level agile deployments. He’s written a series of Executive Updates for Cutter’s Agile practice; you can read his To Release No More, Or To Release Always — Part I: The Myth here. Bob Furniss’s sweet spot is understanding and Read more

Aug 222007

Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole is at it again! He’s come up with a list of the top ten things he’d say to “management” about technology. I’ll just post three of his items here for you to react to, but do read his entire list in this week’s Business Technology Trends & Impacts E-Mail Advisor. 4. Please stop making exceptions to the governance process. If you want to save money and keep us agile, then do not allow all the flowers to bloom; instead, publish the standards and then stick with them. Every time you let someone off the hook, you make our life more complicated — and expensive. 6. Please make us account for our Read more

What are the Rules?

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Jul 242007

Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole has stirred up a storm of controversy with his latest Business Technology Trends E-Mail Advisor! What’s your take on his 10 rules? I’ve posted the Advisor below. Do you agree with Steve? Do you disagree? Let us know what you think and what your rules would be! 10 New Rules Here are 10 rules I’d like to propose we all follow, starting immediately: CIOs should come from the business, not the technology ranks: technology-rooted CIOs will never really understand the importance of business as the technology driver. When prospective CIOs start talking about network latency and virtualization, it’s time to get the hook out; go with the professional talking about up-selling Read more

Jun 112007

The Cutter Blog is a multi-author blog, a platform where Cutter’s expert Senior Consultants and Fellows present their opinions on and reactions to what’s happening in business technology. But it’s not just about espousing opinion — it’s really about debate. At Cutter, we don’t believe in one-size fits all. We thrive on intellectual sparring. And we invite you to join the fray: share your ideas and opinions and help push the thinking around business technology strategies. Have fun, Anne