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Dec 192014
2015: The Year of Agile Data Warehousing

2015 will be the year that agile data warehouse (DW)/business intelligence (BI) takes off.  Traditional strategies for DW/BI have been challenged at best, with the running joke being that a DW/BI team will build the first release and nobody will come. On average, Agile strategies provide better time to market, improved stakeholder satisfaction, greater levels of quality, and better return on investment (ROI) than do traditional strategies. The DW/BI community has finally started to accept this reality, and it is now starting to shift gears and adopt agile ways of working. My expectation is that 2015 will see a plethora of books, case studies, and blog postings describing people’s experiences in this area. There are Read more

Mar 242014

Two of Cutter’s Agile experts are teaching public workshops in the Denver area March 31 – April 3. Don’t miss your chance to work with Hubert Smits and Lynn Winterboer, both of whom are highly knowledgeable, engaging, and successful trainers. So successful, in fact, that 98% of Hubert’s courses enjoy a 98% pass rate on the CSM test! If you’re in the Denver area, this is the perfect time for you to earn the key certifications to qualify you to act as Scrum Master and/or Scrum Product Owner on Scrum teams. And if you’re not in the area, what better excuse to head to the beautiful state of Colorado? Get the details and register here. Read more

Oct 072011

All the focus on big data is missing the point. Yes, high performance computing architectures let us analyze very large data sets. And yes, that is interesting and helpful. But let’s go with a thought experiment here. Imagine the following: Real-time data feeds from all source systems; Incremental, multi-generational real-time data feeds and data storage so all prior versions of data are accessible; The end of batch processing, nightly loads, ETL or other boring stuff in order to prepare data; All queries you can dream of (well, maybe 98% of the queries) running in in less than a second; All the rest of the queries running in minutes, not hours and yes, even crazy Cartesian Read more

Sep 222011

This month, Cutter unveiled its redefined BI practice, Data Integration, BI & Collaboration. I know it’s a mouthful, so let’s just call it “DBC” for short. As the new Practice Director, my aim is to shape this practice to best address your needs, but more importantly to continuously adapt as your needs change. I also suspect you are looking for Cutter to assist you in staying aware of emerging ideas and trends that might benefit your organization. Please consider this post an open invitation to join an ongoing dialogue that will help me shape this practice appropriately. I hope you’ll share your questions, ideas, and feedback to make this venture a success. The practice name Read more

Mar 092010

Data warehousing, BI, and analytics, in general, are undergoing profound changes resulting from the always-on business environment that is redefining organizational requirements pertaining to how data is collected, processed, and used. So much data is generated so quickly that it has sparked the advent of new — or, if you’re in an argumentative mood, at least revised — data management and data analysis technologies and practices, which are beginning to garner increasing attention by organizations seeking to take advantage of their huge data assets. I frequently talk to people whose organizations are drowning in data. Web data acquired from personalization, advertising, marketing, and other CRM activities is swamping many organizations. Contact and call center interactions Read more

Dec 232009

With the new year upon us, we asked Cutter’s Senior Consultants and Fellows for their business technology predictions. Their perspectives — as always — are quite thoughtful, thought-provoking, and varied. Projections cover the changing role of the CIO, what will happen in enterprise architecture, the increasing adoption of agile, the explosion of cloud computing, the impact of green initiatives, and more. We’re posting all the predictions on the Cutter website as they come in. Here are some excerpts: Israel Gat: I expect 2010 to be the first year of a prolonged golden age. San Murugesan: In 2010 and beyond, we will see growing interest and major developments in cloud computing, green IT, and mobile systems Read more

Apr 292009

In a strange twist of fate, the annual MySQL Conference was just getting underway in Santa Clara, California, USA, when news hit that Oracle Corporation was acquiring Sun and, along with it, MySQL. That the most aggressive enterprise software company was buying the world’s leading open source database struck like lightning. After all, it had been only about 16 months since Sun had acquired MySQL for US $1 billion, and proponents of the open source database were still griping about Sun’s efforts to steer and develop the technology. So it’s quite understandable that MySQL fans should be a bit apprehensive about what Oracle might have in store for the database. Here’s what I think will Read more