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Feb 222016
The Role of EA in an Age of Terrorism

Clearly we live in a world where terrorism is a major global threat. So when the Cutter IT Journal team asked me for my thoughts about technology trends and predictions for 2016, I started thinking about the role of enterprise architecture (EA) in an age of terrorism. Terrorism can affect any enterprise at any time, and by its very nature, the impact and consequences of a terrorist attack cannot be predicted. In some ways, this is no different from many other external events — political, economic, environmental, social, or techno­logical — that have a direct effect on an enterprise. To be resilient and sustainable, enterprise architectures must be able to respond and adapt positively to Read more

Oct 302014

There are many theories about what Enterprise Architecture is, and there should be. But ultimately, it is not the theory that matters. The make-up of the people, the organizational structure and the circumstances of the enterprise drive what people end up doing, and what architecture looks and feels like. Prefixes are free: The “x” Architect EA practices within different enterprises look and feel very different. For example, one enterprise may have a Content Architect but not a Security Architect. A different enterprise may have a Payments Architect, reflecting a specific domain within that company. Just imagine if medical professionals were as free with prefixes and specialization tags as we have been in architecture! I get Read more

Feb 112011

I was saddened to hear that computer industry pioneer Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), died on Sunday, a few weeks shy of his 85th birthday. Under his 35-year leadership as CEO, Ken Olsen built Digital from US $70,000 in seed money in 1957 to become the world’s second-largest computer company with upwards of $14B in sales and 120,000 employees in more than 95 countries. In 1986, Fortune magazine named Ken “America’s most successful entrepreneur.” Following Ken’s vision, starting with the PDP-1 in the 1960s, Digital created an entirely new segment of the computer industry with its small, powerful, and high-quality “minicomputers.” The minicomputer quickly became an alternative to the multimillion-dollar mainframe and Read more

Dec 242010

Next time you look at an organization’s complicated collection of systems, and the interfaces between them, do a little archeology — and think of an old English hotel.

Dec 232009

With the new year upon us, we asked Cutter’s Senior Consultants and Fellows for their business technology predictions. Their perspectives — as always — are quite thoughtful, thought-provoking, and varied. Projections cover the changing role of the CIO, what will happen in enterprise architecture, the increasing adoption of agile, the explosion of cloud computing, the impact of green initiatives, and more. We’re posting all the predictions on the Cutter website as they come in. Here are some excerpts: Israel Gat: I expect 2010 to be the first year of a prolonged golden age. San Murugesan: In 2010 and beyond, we will see growing interest and major developments in cloud computing, green IT, and mobile systems Read more