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Jun 062013
Executive Education Created Just for Business Technologists

“Executive education” usually brings a university classroom to my mind, the kind you find on an ivy-walled campus. Cutter’s executive education (which we call Summit 2013), however, is a little different: it takes place next-door to a prestigious university. Yep, Summit 2013 will be held at Le Meridien Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the edge of the MIT campus. The program is chock-full of stellar sessions. The 3-day event kicks off on Nov. 4 with a keynote on The Evolving Role of 21st Century Technology Leaders by Robert D. Scott. Robert, former VP of Innovation & Architecture at Procter & Gamble (where he also served in CIO positions, both corporate and business unit). Robert is Read more

Executive Education+

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Oct 182011
Executive Education+

The annual Cutter Summit has been evolving over the last few years. It’s never been “conference-as-usual”. It’s always been focused on delivering great ideas from inspiring experts, with the expectation of provoking debate. Candor and sharing have been the hallmark of the Summit. It’s always been a two-way street. We just don’t do talking heads. And we don’t do the product stuff: no vendors giving keynotes or serving on panels, no product showcases or sponsored breaks. The Summit is just true experts and practitioners sharing both the strategies that are working best now and those they see will be important down the road. About 5 years ago we began incorporating a Harvard Business School case Read more