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Dec 062010

It was always inevitable. If we ever solved the business technology alignment problem, as we were told so many times over the decades, we’d reach optimization nirvana. Is this the end of IT? Yes. It’s 2015, and everyone’s a chief information officer, or, more accurately, everyone’s a chief business intelligence officer. While your infrastructure hums in the cloud, all eyes are on strategic technology and the businesses now directly responsible — and accountable — for business technology optimization. The enterprise CIO is gone. The historical responsibilities of the office of the CIO have been distributed to the COO/CAO and the lines of business. Operational technology — which supports all of your company’s basic computing and Read more

Apr 072010

It has been painful to watch the perennial angst of the CIO community. Each year, each conference, and each industry rag frets about what ails the CIO and what kind of CIO the CIO will need to be in the future. When viewed as a whole, the CIO community is paranoid and schizophrenic. Not only do we hear multiple conflicting voices in our collective heads, we have a sense that the future we created is out to get us. Here at Cutter Consortium, we tackled this issue of the future of the CIO with some thought provoking and wildly different perspectives, ranging from the CIO is dead meat to a new kind of CIO is Read more