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Jun 102009

So long to the gorilla dust at GM. That’s what billionaire entrepreneur founder of EDS and ex-General Motors executive Ross Perot called the annual optimistic projections of GM executives during the 1980s, as it continued to lose market share. “When gorillas fight, they throw dust in the air to distract one another,” Perot said. Gorilla dust wasn’t just thrown only by Chairman and CEO Roger Smith throughout the 1980s, as GM’s US market share dropped from 46% to 36%, but also by his successors Robert Stempel and Jack Smith throughout the 1990s and Richard Wagoner into the 2000s as well. GM’s current US market share is under 18% — that was, before the bankruptcy announcement Read more

Scheduling via Agents

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Sep 252007

No, sorry, not the secret kind. Although if you don’t know about software agents, they may seem secret and mysterious. And I’m sure 007 would have found a use for them. Learn about agents and one of their many uses in Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant James Odell’s recent E-Mail Advisor. It’s reproduced below, and your comments are most welcome. Agent Technology: Painting Trucks at General Motors Traditionally, assembly line schedules are centrally developed and controlled. Any change in the schedule must be centrally reconfigured. When the line is small and has few unplanned stoppages, centrally controlled schedules work well. However, scheduling for most real-world assembly lines can be a nightmare: work stations break down, personnel Read more