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Jun 012010

Is your organization going green, whatever that means? Well, that turns out to be a lot more than just server virtualization at the data center. Is the enterprise architecture (EA) team involved? Well, it should be. Let’s take a look. To start, you might ask whether your organization has defined what it means to be green and/or sustainable, and more important, whether it has articulated why it is doing it and how it fits with other enterprise strategies or initiatives. If your enterprise is anything like most, the answer to these questions is probably “No.” This is a perfect opportunity to apply some business architecture to the problem. How about formalizing the goals and strategies Read more

Jun 012010

CIOs and IT departments are being asked to reduce energy consumption of their IT, and manage energy supply and demand intelligently. Even simple steps that make a small difference for an individual or an organization can make a huge difference for the world. However, to comprehensively and effectively address the environmental impacts of IT, we must adopt a holistic approach and make the entire IT lifecycle greener by addressing environmental sustainability at every stage/phase. And, to build a greener environment, we might also be required to end or modify many of our old and familiar ways of doing things to adopt Green strategies, revise enterprise policies and discover new methods. Further, companies are urged to Read more

May 302010

As environmental issues are becoming a major global concern, a new spotlight is lit on IT showcasing it as both a solution and a problem for environmental sustainability. As businesses and governments try to balance growth with environmental risks, we’re called upon to make our IT systems — and their use — greener, and to use the power of IT in innovative ways to address mounting environmental issues. Green IT – environmentally sound IT – is the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, and using computers, servers, monitors, printers, storage devices, and networking and communications systems efficiently and effectively with zero or minimal impact on the environment. It includes the dimensions of environmental sustainability, the Read more

May 282010
Green IT Awareness Week: Are You Aware? has declared 1-7 June 2010 to be Green IT Awareness Week. This is a topic dear to our hearts at Cutter Consortium, and one that we examine frequently (See our Stats of the Week on a variety of Green IT questions, here, here, and here). Cutter supports International Green IT Awareness Week’s mission to “initiate, promote and support green IT discussions, emboldening employees with the knowledge and innovative ideas to reduce the environmental footprint of the organisation.” We’re taking action by stimulating discussion and awareness in a variety of ways — we hope you’ll join in too! Come back here, to The Cutter Blog to read — and debate — new, thought-provoking posts on Read more

More Predictions

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Dec 242009

The crystal ball gazing continues. Here are more excerpts from Cutter Senior Consultants’ predictions for 2010 and beyond. Dave Rooney: Agile Software Development will follow the same pattern as two other game-changing trends — Relational Database Management Systems and Object-Oriented Programming over the upcoming decade. Claude Baudoin: Expect contractors and consultants to be in demand, and many of them will be ex-employees who, having found their past employer’s loyalty in short supply, will now be more interested in being their own boss than in rejoining as an employee. Ken Collier: Although Agile adoptions will proliferate, we will see an increase Agile project failures due to misunderstanding, misapplication, and misguided attempts to follow an “agile recipe”. Read more

Sep 252009

The Cutter Benchmark Review team is putting together an issue on IT’s Role in Reverse Logistics, and that means it’s survey time. The topic was new to me, so I went to the web for some education and inspiration. And bam! I found this great piece in Modern Materials Handling. In a nutshell, I learned that effectively dealing with returned materials offers companies the opportunity to bolster customer satisfaction, increase profit margins through resale (through channels like eBay or Craigslist), minimize inventory carrying costs and reduce their impact on the environment. The strategic use of IT resources can be the difference between success and failure in this endeavor. In fact, state-of-the-art technology and applying the Read more

Sep 172009

Last spring, when Gabe Piccoli, Rick Watson and Emily Ryan looked at whether green IT/IS was a priority for organizations, they found some good news: their survey for Cutter Benchmark Review uncovered that more than one-third of companies in the US, and over half of European companies had a long-term strategy in place for reducing their environmental footprints. Environmental responsibilities are increasingly becoming a mandatory part of business strategies. The pressure not only comes from growing customer demand for green products and processes, but it’s also coming from industry-specific government regulations that enforce precise collection, management, and reporting of carbon data. So now Gabe, this time along with Cutter Senior Consultant Bhuvan Unhelkar and Brian Read more