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Dec 132011

Mobility is now one of the top strategic priorities for organizations. In fact, supporting mobility is seen as so important that some organizations are offering employees the option of using their own personal devices. This “bring your own device” concept is seen as a way for companies to reduce costs, but the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise means that IT needs to somehow practically manage these devices. And, when most IT people talk about “managing mobile devices,” they primarily mean ensuring that they are used correctly (i.e., according to company polices regarding data access, storage, and transmission) and do not become a “black hole” of a security threat to the company. Mobile Read more

Feb 172011

Some argue that a cyber-Armageddon — or a “digital Pearl Harbor” — may be just around the corner, while others counter that while cybersecurity needs to be taken seriously, the overall cyberthreat and its consequences are vastly overblown and are merely a convenient excuse to sell over-priced security software and consulting. The May 2011 Cutter IT Journal will try to separate the wheat from the chaff as pertains to security threats from current and potential cyberweapons. Proposals of interest are due 2 March 2011. To respond, please visit

Dec 162010

Security and the law have not caught up with technology and the outlaws. But most people seem to be ignoring the risks in favor of the opportunities and I don’t see that changing in 2011. A high profile incident is bound to happen, probably sooner rather than later. The headlines this year have been full of security issues facing the internet. First, there was the Zeus Trojan Horse which has stolen millions of dollars from small businesses and individuals. Zeus steals your credentials from your computer, and then uses them to make numerous small transfers from your bank account (under the $10,000 limit for reporting) until it has been emptied out. Since your computer was Read more

Even more predictions

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Jan 052010

Over the last week we’ve received predictions from more Cutter Senior Consultants. Here’s a preview of the latest additions: Rebecca Herold: Bigger privacy breaches than any that have occurred so far on social media sites will occur as a result of no information security or privacy pre-planning at many to most of these organizations. James Odell: systems will no longer primarily be top down. Instead, as individuals, small groups, and organizations interact around the world, technology must support approaches that are more side-by-side. Rob Austin: 2010 will be the year in which mobile devices become the client device of choice in many enterprises. Jim Highsmith: A small, but significant, number of organizations will “get it” when Read more

More Predictions

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Dec 242009

The crystal ball gazing continues. Here are more excerpts from Cutter Senior Consultants’ predictions for 2010 and beyond. Dave Rooney: Agile Software Development will follow the same pattern as two other game-changing trends — Relational Database Management Systems and Object-Oriented Programming over the upcoming decade. Claude Baudoin: Expect contractors and consultants to be in demand, and many of them will be ex-employees who, having found their past employer’s loyalty in short supply, will now be more interested in being their own boss than in rejoining as an employee. Ken Collier: Although Agile adoptions will proliferate, we will see an increase Agile project failures due to misunderstanding, misapplication, and misguided attempts to follow an “agile recipe”. Read more

Jan 252009

Did you KNOW that January 28 was international Data Privacy Day? I bet most of you did not. Too bad. The way to help improve privacy practices within organizations is to raise awareness of privacy issues. I recently blogged about Data Privacy Day here and here. Are you planning to do something for Data Privacy Day? If so, please let us know! I love to hear what folks do to observe such days, and to help raise awareness of information security and privacy issues. Or, if you are not planning to do something, why? Too late of notice? You don’t see the point of doing anything? You think it is dumb? You think…???? Let us know!

Mar 042008

We recently published the results of our annual Cutter Benchmark Review survey on trends and technologies for the coming year. This is the third yearly issue of CBR where we ask our contributors to look forward to the coming year and see what technologies and IT trends we can expect to endure, which ones are emerging, and which ones seem to be losing steam. Our ability to do trending and year-over-year comparisons is strengthening with every survey and the cumulating of results. We have been very careful in keeping some of the questions consistent so that we can comment on changes over time. The trends issues are particularly important in my opinion as they give Read more