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Jul 102008

Software Engineering Radio, the world’s leading podcast on software development, published an episode on “10 Years of Agile Experience” yesterday. In this podcast Marcus Völter interviews me about introducing agile technology to different organizations, the experiences I made doing this job in the last 10 years, and stratgies I derive from this experience. The podcast was recorded in January at OOP 2008 in Munich.

Jul 102008

It’s not “just an accident”. Maybe it’s an innovation.

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Check out this Wall Street Journal article, Oops!, by Rob Austin, Lee Devin and Erin Sullivan — all members of Cutter’s Innovation and Enterprise Agility team. The piece is engaging from start to end, but the section “Let Innovators Collect Ideas” really drew me in. It makes me optimistic that my daughter, who keeps every scrap of paper she’s ever drawn or written on, is not a packrat; she’s an innovator-in-training! Innovators squirrel away things they don’t know how to use. Designers and sculptors collect photos and keep warehouses or cabinets full of things they can’t use (yet). Painters and product developers keep sketchbooks. Innovators of all stripes keep “junk,” as one designer called it, Read more

Sep 102007

Are Agile methodologies and EA compatible? Cutter Senior Consultant Jim Watson and Cutter’s Director of the EA Practice Mike Rosen think so. They’ve recently been interviewed by Do read their insights. In the interview, Jim and Mike elaborate a bit on their opinions expressed in the Cutter Executive Report Are Agile Methods and Enterprise Architecture Compatible? Yes, with Effort, which they wrote along with Kurt Guenther. If you’re at all interested in combining Agile and EA and haven’t yet read this Report, you owe it to yourself to make it a priority read. What are your thoughts on the compatibility of Agile methods and EA? Have you used them together? What was the result? Read more