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Dec 072011
The Battle for Mobile OS Wages On

In 2012, the battle for the mobile operating system (OS) platform will wage on, with Android-based tablets and smartphones continuing to gain market share against Apple, whose next iPhone 5 (the design of which the late Steve Jobs was heavily involved in) will be shipped well in time for the 2012 holiday season. Other smartphone and tablet OS vendors, including Microsoft and RIM, will continue to be increasingly irrelevant. Expect corporate “approved technology buy lists” to further extend into the Android and Apple mobile device market, as enterprises rush to support these devices behind and across the firewall. Furthermore, it’s only a matter of time (perhaps in the coming year?) that we see a “hybrid” Read more

Sep 072010

Apple continues to make waves with the iPad and the iPhone. The iPad is probably already a US $2 billion line of business in a scant 80 days. Name another product that generated so much revenue so fast. I am finding how Apple pulled off that feat to be a more significant lesson in the design and engineering of a businesses than the glitz and splash of the iPad usability. Apple is adept at building business models perhaps more so than devices, at least for now. But I think we haven’t seen anything yet. All the competitors — such as Dell, HP, phone manufacturers, and others — that were caught with their pants down when Read more

Open or Closed?

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Nov 262007

While we’d all like to know whether your door is open or closed this holiday season and you’d welcome us for a pop-in visit, what we’re referring to here is architecture. In his recent Advisor, Ken Orr, Fellow, Cutter Business Technology Council, discusses some of the benefits and drawbacks to open and closed approaches to architecture. His comments are reproduced below, and we’d very much like to know your thoughts. Should architectures be closed? Or open? Or some combination? Are there certain types of architecture that should be one or the other? What do you think of Apple’s developer environment for the iPhone? Does this mark a change for Apple? Do you agree with the Read more