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May 222013
Making Profits Using API Economy

How much have you paid for your last home phone? Probably 10 euros, dollars, or whatever is your currency. It is likely that 20 years ago you would have paid a higher amount, even without taking into account the inflation. Still, imagine a world where you are the only phone owner, what would be the value of such phone? Probably zero, or even negative, since it would be a useless device that occupies space in your home. Here we appreciate two concurrent and conflicting phenomena that are at the root also of API Economy. The first is the so-called Network Effect: the phone has a value that depends on the number of users of the Read more

Now On Stage …

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Aug 042011

If you’re going to Agile2011, be sure to check out the Testing and Quality Assurance stage. Cutter’s Ken Collier is co-producer, with Lisa Shoop from Sabre, of this stage. They’ve pulled together a powerhouse lineup of thought leaders in the Agile testing and QA space. The sessions on this stage will be highly interactive; they’re designed for sharing and learning from others. A few of the questions that will be addressed on Ken and Lisa’s Testing and QA stage include: How do quality metrics improve testing practices? How do you effectively manage technical debt in test suites? (This one will be answered by our own Israel Gat!) How do you ensure that testing “keeps up” Read more

Aug 032011

Practice what you preach. Talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s what Cutter’s going to do at the end of each afternoon at Agile2011. Join Israel Gat and Cutter Senior Consultants including Ken Collier, Brent Barton, Patrick Debois, Johanna Rothman, Christopher Avery, Ward Cunningham, Gil Broza, and others for the Daily Cutter Retrospective. This team, along with anyone (that means you!) who’d like to join them, will spend a few minutes reviewing and sharing what everyone learned that day, and what impact it might have on the rest of the conference and their post-conference actions. Follow us at @cuttertweets for the exact location of this retrospective/meetup. Or Like us on Facebook and we’ll send Read more

Jul 112011

The AgileAlliance’s annual Agile Conference is right around the corner. Israel Gat, Director of Cutter’s Agile practice, is slated to give a Technical Debt workshop on Monday afternoon (8/8). In it, participants will go through a series of exercises that demonstrate a broad range of applications of the technical debt concept, from effective governance of the software process to its use as a boundary object to streamline the flow from development to IT operations. Israel is also leading the Super-Fresh Code workshop on Wednesday morning. “Super-Fresh Code” is a term Israel coined (an extension of the “Super-Fresh Web” concept) to describe code that results from seizing upon the opportunities opened by combining recent advances in Read more

Mar 222010
Quantifying the Start Afresh Option

Source code analysis techniques have progressed to the point that answers to numerous tricky questions about software investment dilemmas can now be answered through quantifying technical debt.  Consider, for example, the following scenario: You are a venture capitalist. One of your portfolio companies has been working for a few years now on a promising software application. Various surprises with respect to schedule and functionality have been sprung on you along the way. The company asks for additional $2M to complete development and bring a 500K lines of code to market. Using technical debt quantification techniques you find the technical debt amounts to $1M. You are not at all comfortable “paying back” the technical debt in addition Read more

Jan 292009

Israel Gat and Bob Furniss have joined Cutter’s team of expert Senior Consultants. Most recently, Israel Gat led the Agile transformation at BMC Software. Under his leadership, BMC software development increased Scrum users from zero to 1,000 in four years. [Michael Mah and Mike Lunt of BMC Software described this transformation in an Executive Report they wrote for Cutter clients, How Agile Projects Measure Up, and What This Means to You.] Israel is currently focusing on enterprise-level agile deployments. He’s written a series of Executive Updates for Cutter’s Agile practice; you can read his To Release No More, Or To Release Always — Part I: The Myth here. Bob Furniss’s sweet spot is understanding and Read more